CARDIGAN & COATIGAN | Sewing Life 14

Classic layering & wonderful transitional

  • The perfect layering garment: A classic cardigan.

A classic close-fitting cardigan is a must in any wardrobe no matter where you live. Even in the heat of summer, it's nice to be able to have a non-bulky cardi to layer with in cold airconditioned buildings.

The classic cardigan has a neckline binding and a button band or placket. You can wear it with everything and for almost any occasion. The classic cardigan is best when sewn in a medium-weight knit., but also works with lighter knits.

  • An excellent transition coat - or the ultimate "hygge"-garment in winter: A cozy coatigan

A coatigan is a softer version of a coat, great for outerwear during the transitioning of seasons and for wearing inside when it’s really cold out.

Our version has super cool build in pockets and a nice warm shawl collar. Sew it in a good sweater knit.

  • In all sizes 34-54
  • Seam Allowances included
  • Print-at-home formats letter/A4 + 11"/A3. Layered large-format-print or Projector file in 36" roll
  • Detailed instructions and videos that show you all difficult or new techniques step-by-step.